I love those wrigglers.

Worms are amazing creatures. They are probably the most overlooked and misunderstood caretakers of our planet. We all know that there is a limited amount of nutrients in the soil. Plants grow and use up significant amounts of available nutrients, then die. The nutrients from the dead plant matter are reintroduced into the soil but are only a small fraction of what was used up in growing the plants in the first place. This cycle repeats itself again and again and again and again. Reducing the amount of nutrients in the soil each time.

Without worms, this continual downward spiral of using up nutrients without replacing them, would soon result in dead soil with no nutrients. That’s where our wriggly little friends come into play. When a plant dies and falls to the ground, it decays. Worms eat the decaying matter. Then something amazing happens. Research worldwide has shown that what goes in one end of the worm comes out the other end with up to hundreds-of-times of the original bioavailable nutrients. That’s right, hundreds of times, of the bioavailable nutrients! So thanks to worms, plants live on, and so does our planet. How do the worms do it? I have no idea. I’m just glad that they do.

Worm poop, called worm “castings”, is the finest soil additive, fertilizer and conditioner available anywhere and at anay cost. And it is 100% natural. While some people consider this a miracle, we don’t. We consider it completely natural. Exactly as nature intended. And it is produced without harsh man-made chemicals that deplete and destroy the soil and whose production pollutes the air we all breath and water we all need to drink.

So welcome to the world of worm castings and the amazing results they produce. We invite you to enjoy the healthiest plants, the tastiest vegetables, the most abundant fruits and the most beautiful flowers that you have ever experienced. Naturally. And while you are savoring all of that, you’ll be joining us in saving the planet, one worm at a time.