About Us

Wonder Worms Vermicompost


At Wonder Worms Vermicompost we, and our millions of wriggly little friends, have only one job. To make the best compost on the planet. And that’s what we do, 24-7, 365 days a year. And unlike other brands, our vermicompost is never “mixed”, “blended” or “extended”. The only thing that goes into our bags is what comes out our our worms and worm bins!


That’s why this rich and 100% natural worm castings compost has up to 700% of the bio-available nutrients of other forms of compost.  Our worms do their thing in a climate, humidity, moisture and temperature controlled environment. So we are confident that Wonder Worms Vermicompost is made by the happiest worms on earth, right here in Utah.


What we do is not a miracle. Its just what nature intended. At Wonder Worms, we are busy all day every day “saving the planet, one worm at a time.”