Research, Reports & Proof

Below are a few links to some very interesting research articles and reports on vermicompost and vermiculture. I hope you like them and that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

While I can extol the virtue and value of Vermicompost all day long, you’ll just think I have a bias (and I do). So here’s a batch of scientists and agricultural groups that have done their research and published their findings. You’re going to find that I didn’t make up or even embellish the real power of the poop. Worm poop that is. Vermicompost, it is great stuff. As nature intended. Ours is never mixed, blended or extended. Its all natural. And the production process is clean and earth friendly. No chemicals that deplete and destroy our soils and no factory production process that pollutes our air or water.

North Carolina State ~ Earthworm castings as plant growth media.

Novus Natural Science Research ~ Vermicomposting and its importance

Organic Agriculture Center of Canada ~ The Value of Vermicompost

Vermigrow ~ Why is vermicompost so good anyway

Vermitech ~Biosolids solutions

Another whole page of links to other research and more reports